Joseph Reboli

An American painter based in Stony Brook, New York, Joseph Reboli was known primarily for his oil paintings of rural coastal landscapes and subjects from the East End of Long Island.

He attended the Paier School of Art in New Haven, Connecticut, from 1964 to 1967, where he was instructed by American realist Ken Davies. After graduation, he served in the US Army until 1969.

His work has been the subject of five museum exhibitions, more than twenty solo exhibitions, and numerous group shows, and is represented in private and public collections throughout America and Europe. In 1998, the Museum at Stony Brook displayed 55 works spanning his thirty-year career, and published Joseph Reboli, an 84-page book, to accompany the exhibit.

In 1999, the White House Historical Association held an exhibit titled White House Impressions: The President’s House Through the Eye of the Artist at the While House Visitor Center in Washington, D.C. The exhibit included Reboli, whose painting for the exhibit was reproduced in a commemorative calendar for the year 2000 for the White House.

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