Janhendrik Dolsma

Janhendrik Dolsma (1950-)

Janhendrik Dolsma is an oil painter from the Netherlands specializing in the sea, and he is also known as the painter of skies. He graduated from Minerva Academy in 1973, and he has been an artist, art teacher and musician. When he was a student, he became interested in painting landscapes. Dolsma says, “in my paintings there are hardly any traces of human beings. Every now and then I give it a try, but they never make it to the finished work. I don’t know why exactly, but maybe it’s because the painting gets to narrative and that distracts attention from what I want: the illusion of space and light.”

Dolsma’s vision explores the relation between man and nature. As he strives to express the experience that man is part of an immense natural whole, his primary aim is “to make an agreeable painting.”

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